Saturday, 18 March 2017

Missguided and the Promotional Mix Part 2

If you read my previous post, you will have seen that I started to look into Missguided’s promotional mix and what they do to interact with their customers.  In this post, I’ll be looking into the rest of their promotional mix and how they make use of personal selling, public relations and sales promotion. 

Personal Selling

Missguided live chat
As Missguided are an online shop, they cannot make use of personal selling the same way as stores on the high street can.  However, this doesn’t stop them from doing so as new methods of personal selling are now available to online companies.  Missguided make use of this factor with the use of a live chat through their website.  This chat allows customers to ask queries that they have.  This chat allows them to get an instant and personal response as they are being contacted directly by the company.  Having this chat option makes interaction between the customer and the company a lot faster and customers will feel valued as they are getting an instant response.  Missguided also make use of personal selling through the use of their social media sites as their customers can get customer service almost instantly.  Through these social networking sites, customers can ask anything, from fashion advice to how long their delivery will be.  A recently new feature of personal selling that Missguided use is the use of the swipe function on their app.  This function takes into consideration clothes that customers have looked at/bought/added to their wishlist before and suggests clothes they think that the customer would like.  Customers swipe left if they’re not interested in it, and right if they are – this will then add the clothes to their wishlist.  This function has becoming very popular on the Missguided app, and it is unique to each customer depending on what they have looked at before.  Personal selling is personal and unique to each customer, so encourages them stay with the brand as they feel valued.

Missguided swipe function

Public Relations

Missguided collab with Jourdan Dunn
Currently, Missguided are using a key media tool as part of their public relations.  The brand is making use of celebrity endorsement with English fashion model Jourdan Dunn who collaborated with Missguided to create a line of clothing called ‘LONDUNN’.  The model is very popular amongst young women and on social media so collaborating with her has been a smart move for the brand.  This has also kept up Missguided’s reputation of being a modern brand as Jourdan Dunn is a very relevant model today.  This celebrity endorsement has widened Missguided’s audience as fans of Jourdan Dunn will be interested in the clothing range as she has been promoting it on her social media platforms.  To link in with this, Missguided’s social media sites are also a method of public relations that is used by the brand.  Social media has allowed brands, and especially online brands like Missguided, to interact with their customers on a day-to-day basis.  Customers can post about their engagement with the brand and how they were treated.  Missguided are always interacting with their customers and replying to comments to help them out.  However, social media has not always been a good tool for Missguided as customers often complain about the service they receive in terms of delivery with the brand.  This bad PR tool can often have a negative effect as customers will often express their bad experience to try put others off from buying with them.  Social networking is one of the most important factors for Missguided to use as they can respond to these comments to regain their reputation. 

Missguided twitter help page

Sales Promotion

Missguided sales promotion 
Missguided also make use of sales promotion as the final part of the promotional mix.  The brand often has discounts and sales on offer to their customers.  As of writing this post, they currently have five sales promotion offers on the homepage of their website.  These include; free UK next day delivery when order before 10pm and use the code ‘nextday’, 20% off everything including sale using the code ‘lucky20’, 20% student discount (excluding sale) with the UNiDAYS app, 50% off selected clothing lines and 20% off your next order using the code ‘get20babe’.  Having all of these promotions on at once is likely to encourage different types of customers to buy something as there is a discount for everyone.  Consumers are always looking for deals and discounts on products, so using all of these sales promotion deals is likely to get new and existing customers to buy from Missguided.  Missguided make use of these promotions to encourage existing customers to continue to shop with them over their competitors and to also encourage new customers to buy with them as they have more/better promotions on over their competition.  They want consumers to brand switch to them so ensure to make use of these sales promotions to encourage them to do so.

Overall, Missguided make great use of their promotional mix to interact and engage with their customers.  The brand uses elements that fit well with them as a brand and do things that they know their target audience will like and want to buy.  Missguided are a good example of how an online company can make use of the promotional mix to get more popular and well-known across the world.

If you have any comments feel free to leave them, and let me know your thoughts towards Missguided.


  1. Do you think that not having a high street presence is a disadvantage for brands like Missguided? Do they have to work harder with the promotional mix, specifically sales promotion?

    1. I think having no high street presence is a slight disadvantage but I think they market themselves so well online they don't need a high street presence as much. I feel that what makes them so popular is the fact they're just online and it makes consumers want their products even more.